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Sulphamethoxazole I.P 10% w/w and Trimethoprim I.P 2% w/w
Composition :Each gram contains :
Sulphamethoxazole I.P. 100 mg
TrimethopriumI.P. 20 mg
Cattle,Sheep Goats and Dogs : In the treatment of specific Bacterial diseases due to Gram positive and gram negative organisms like HaemorrhagicSepticaemia, Respiratory tract infections , gastro enteritis, secondary bacterial Infections associated with viral infections , early lamb mortality and pneumonia In lambs , injuries and infected wounds and post abortion infections.
Poultry: Early chick mortality, bacillary white Diarrhoea , Complicated chronic respiratory diseases , infections coryza, Fowl cholera, Fowl typhoid , coil Bacillosis, Bumble foot, coccidiosis with mixed Bacterial infections , Strepto and staphylococcal infections , secondary Bacterial infections associated with viral infections.
Sheep and Goats
Lambs : up to 10 kg 2.5 gms
Yearlings : 25 kg 6.25 gms
Adults : 40 kg 10 gms
Chicks : 0.5 gm per litre of drinking water for 5 to 7 days.
Adults : 1.0 gm per litre of drinking water 5 to 7 days.
Or as advised by consultant veterinarian.
Only medicated water should be allowed throughout the day during the course of
Packing : 500 gr, 1 kg


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