PREVENT-V 1Kg (Water System and Surface disinfectant)




Water System and Surface disinfectant
o Potassium mono per sulphate compound: 49.8% w/w
o Sodium chloride 1.5% w/w
o Containing triple salts
o Surfactants organic acids and inorganic buffers system from the inert ingredients
1. It is a white granular/powder free flowing per-oxygen that provide powerful non-chlorine oxidation for a wide range of benefits.
2. It is important to ensure that the disinfectant being used effectively against verity of pathogens.
3. It works against salmonella, e-coli bacteria and a powerful oxidiser used to regenerate active chlorine for destroying bacteria, virus and fungi
4. Bio-security treatment (1-2% solution) for animal farms, animal hospitals, poultry, fish and shrimp farms, equipment and personal movement
5. Antibacterial activity includes all gram positive and gram negative bacteria and strong action against all pathogenic microbes.
6. Complete control – aerial, surface and water system disinfectant
7. On proper application gives excellent water clarity & completely soluble in pond water
8. Moreover, special care should be taken when applying this disinfectant as it should be safe for both animals and humans
9. It is bio-degradable, eco-friendly and safe for human and animal life

• Fish and shrimp/750gr – 1kg/ 1-meter depth
• As advised by the aqua consultant
• 1kg and 5 kg


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