NIFEREX – 10Kg ( A unique minerals, vitamins, probiotics amino acids and Enzymes )



Pack : 10 KGS
1 Case Contains : 1
Case Weight in KGs/LTRs :10



( A unique minerals, vitamins, probiotics amino acids and Enzymes )
Complete minerals vitamin’s and amino acids and probiotics feed supplement for optimum production in prawn of shrimp and fish. Fortified with Amino acids, enzymes. NIFEREX aqua prawn shrimp fish is specially formulated supplements to prawn, shrimp and fish feed with all essential ingredients which keep prawn, shrimp and fish healthy & healthy achieve high yields.
Sompu, Ferugreek, Vamu, Swertia Chirrata, Black Pepper, Coriander Seed, Eelipta alba, Manner oligo saceharide, Turmeric, Alpha Amylase, Hemi Cellulose, Protease, Lipase, Tartaric Acid, Citric Acid,Alum,NaHco3,MixedFruitFlavor,Tsp,Caco3,Znso4,Mgso4,Cuso4,Mnso4,Ki,CobaltSulphate,Feso4,Zeaolite, Gut Prbortics,L.Lysine-100g,DL Methionine-100g,D C P-5kg,Protein Hydrosylate-5kg,B1-50g,B2-25g,B6-25g,C D P-50g
1. Improves faster growth rate and weight gain,
2. Improves efficiency digestive system,
3. Prevents nutritional disorders and stress,
4. Prevents loose shells,
5. Improves skeleton and muscle strength,
6. Improves plankton growth,
7. Improves absorbtion of nutrients,
8. Improves shrimp prawn and fish immunity,
9. Relief from stress condition,
10. Improves disease resistance,
11. Decreases the growth of pathogenic bacteria.
12. Reduces culture period.
APPLICATION : Prawn & shrimp: 2.5 to 5kg per acre , Fish: 10kgs. Per ton of feed Aqua feed supplement, not for medical use not for human us. Store in a cool & dry place.


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