MYCOGUARD (Hs CAS Base,Oraganic Acids,Activated Charcoal,Copper Sulphate)



Pack : 25 KGS
1 Case Contains : 1
Case Weight in KGs/LTRs :25



-Animal feed raw materials are almost inevitably contaminated by a wide range of moulds and mycotoxins.
-Mycotoxins develop by moulds at an point from harvest to feed trough.
-Systematic preventive measures should be practiced at different stages from grain production
Upto feed consumption.
How Mycoguard works?
Mycoguard is unique feed additive having a systematic measure to inhibit the growth of toxin producing moulds, to bind the fungal toxin that has been produced , and to prevent the absorption of fungal toxin that has been consumed.
Mycoguard contains organic acids such as acetic acid, citric acid, Formicacid and propionic acid ,
These organic acids blend have synergistic effect in preventing microbial growth during the feed storage and also by acidifying the feed in the stomach thereby suppressing most of the pathogenic bacteria and fungi and activates the digestive enzymes to improve the protein digestion and amino acid utilization.
Mycoguard contains Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate (HSCAS). It swells up in the gut in the intestinal water and because of its affinity to aflatoxin it make a complex chemical bondage and there by prevents the aflatoxin being absorbed in the gut. Besides it absorbs moisture and prevents caking in the feed.
Mycoguard contains “MannanOligo Saccharides (MOS)” derived from the yeast (saccharomycetesceravicea) cell wall providing surface area for mycotoxins binding and also absorbs bacteria such as E.coil and Salmonella preventing them from attaching to the gut wall. Besides it also improves the immune system of the animal.
Mycoguard containsOxine copper. That effectively inhibits the fungal growth in both the feed
ingredients and the feed.
Mycoguard does not bind any mineral and vitamins , but helps in retaining micronutrients.
Direction to use:
Prevention: use 1 kg/ tonne of feed
Yratment: use 2 kg/tonne of feed


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