IODONEX-2% – 1Ltr



Pack : 1 LTR
1 Case Contains : 12
Case Weight in KGs/LTRs :12



 Composition
Alkyl phenoxy polyxy ethylene, iodine complex which provides 2% iodine along with buffering and emulsifying agents
 Benefits
1. Iodonex 2% works effectively kills broad range gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
2. Iodonex 2% controls all types of gills and tailrot diseases of shrimp/fish
3. Iodonex 2% prevents infection caused by zoothamnium and fungal infections
4. Iodonex 2% improves healthy exoskeleton and regulates moulting
5. Iodonex 2% works in wide range of ph, works effectively even in hard water as a long residual activity
 Dosage
1. 1lt -1.5lt /acre,3 feet depthfor better result with Moltnex (OR) advised by aqua consultant
 Usage
1. Mix it with pond water and spread it evenly throughout the pond
2. Apply it on day time for better result or advised by aqua consultant
 Packing:1lt & 5lt


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