Sustainable water management is one of today’s greatest challenges. Bronex is a powerful disinfect product which is an ideal solution for water treatment of shrimp/fish ponds. Ability to cure harmful contaminants such as combinations of bacteria, fungus, and other living organism in water


  • Alkyl tri Methyl Organic Halogen
  • Compound contains Activated
  • Bromine 5% W/V


  1. Bronex works effectively against tough water born bacteria, virus and fungus.
  2. It helps to reduce high pathogenic load, zoothamnium, fungus and bacteria in pond water.
  3. It successfully aids to clean body surface, gills, tail and legs etc….
  4. It removes thick and excess mucus in fish/shrimp body.
  5. Reduce the mortality caused by bacterial and pathogen infections.
  6. It works effectively in both fresh water and salt water.
  7. It can be applicable cloudy days also.
  8. It won’t affect water parameters and environmental conditions.
  9. It prevents parasitic infections from occurring which are a major risk for sustainability in aqua culture.
  10. Improve growth, performance and productivity.
  11. It helps in moulting without triggering stress in shrimp.
  12. Increases the formation of body colour pigmentation of fish/shrimp.
  13. Economic and sustainable approach for shrimp health management.


  • 45 – 60 days 1.5lt – 2.5lt per acre 1-meter depth.
  • 60 -100 days 2.5lt – 3lt per acre 1-meter depth.
  • 100days – harvest 3lt per acre.
  • Dosage has to be adjusted depending upon the biomass and water quality.
  • Or advised by aqua culture consultant.

PRESENTATION:   5Lt  & 20Lt.


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