Bionex – 10Kg (Biotech – Approach For Eco Friendly Aqua Culture)





  • Naturally decompose the organic sludge and effectively dissolves the organic waste;
  • Effectively removes NH3-N (Ammonia nitrogen) and Nitrate;
  • Prevents over blooming of Algae.
  • Prevents the bottom from deterioration and pollution;
  • Neutralizes the poison, which is caused by the toxic substances and the harmful gas in the water like ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, hydrogen sulphide, methane and etc;
  • Increases DO (dissolving oxygen).
  • Balance the PH value of the water;
  • Reduces the growth and reproduction of the harmful bacteria;
  • Reduces disease occurrence;
  • Increases the total amount of artificially grown aquatic animals, and decreases the cost of its cultivation.
  • Promotes the growth rate and production improves FCR
  • Effective in both fresh and sea waters


3 – 5days before seeding 5-7kgs per acre

Periodically treatment of 7/20/30/40/days apply 6kgs per acre or as advised by aqua consultant.


Mix it with sand/feed and spread it evenly throughout the pond.

Apply it on day time for better result or advised by aqua consultant.

Presentation:  10kgs


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