AMONEX-C 500 GR {Amoxycillin 5% and cloxacillin 5% oral powder ( vet)}


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Amoxycillin 5 5 and cloxacillin 5% Oral POWDER (Vet)
Amoxicillin trihydrate I.P.equivalent to Amoxicillin . 5% w/w
Cloxacillin Sodium I.P equivalent to cloxacillin : 5%w/w
Excipients: Q.S
Indications: For prevention and treatment of early chick mortality infectious coryza ,Chronic respiratory disease complex ,fowl typhoid ,pullorum disease ,coil septicaemia, nonspecific diarrhoea and secondary bacterial infections.
5 to 7 days in continuos drinking water .only fresh medicated water should be given throught the day.
Prophylactic use: 1 g per 4 Ltrs of drinking water for 3 to 5 days.
Therapeutic use : 1g per 2 Ltrs of drinking water or as directed by the veterinarian.
Packing: 500 gr, 1 kg


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