About Us

Nexell industry founded in 2003, committed to develop new products, and continue to provide the premium aquaculture products for more than 18 years with focusing on fish & shrimp culture, poultry and veterinary needs, based on the market requirements from time to time.
  • We continue to maintain the highest values of quality measures for all our Products.
  • Continuous efforts are being made in manufacturing and supplying to improve the products as per specific demands of clients.
  • We use Quality tested Raw Materials procured from Reliable Vendors of the Industry.
  • We also follow various Quality norms and procedures at each and every stage of formulation and packing. client Satisfaction.
  • We are able to anticipate the future requirements which are helping in achieving optimal client Satisfaction.
  • We also customize our range of our Products according the specific needs of our clients.
  • As aqua culture is primarily aimed at the export market, for large-scale production, Nexell Labs has assembled a team of well-trained technical executives, managers, operators, field staff and outlets in all areas to provide outstanding technical services to the community.
  • We extend the Best possible service to our Distributors/ Customers and look forward to continue to the same for the Next Generation.
  • Our products are Continuously Upgraded with due references based on the feedbacks of our customers.
  • Nexell Products are continued to make Positive Progress in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, West Bengal, Kerala, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Haryana, Punjab, Odisha, Bangladesh & Nepal also.
  • We value customer feedback because it helps us improve and serve you better. At Nexell, customers are always first. This is what makes Nexell different.
  • Nexell Relentlessly strive to develop, supply products and services that are eco-friendly to all of our valued customers.
  • Advanced management for the sustainability and profitability in modern aquaculture.