About Us

The Victory Photocon Karate Organization do India (VSKAI) was first founded in 2001 as the Victory Budokan Karate Club (VBKC) then founded by Karate Mallikarjun Gowd, M. Satyanarayana, K. Shiva Kumar, Lakmi Sri Ramulu, M. Sanjay, R. Ashok, U. Srinivas M. Venkatesh played an active role. The organization flew to victory with the Grand Championships in the first place. R Ashok first won the Grand Championship in the Black Belt Division. The name came from the fact that the association, which was founded with ten members, was growing by leaps and bounds with 40 black belts.

The state championship was held in Mallapur in 2002 by the VBKC organization and the chief guest was the then Finance Minister Tulla Devender Gowda, Underground Ministers Chandrasekhara Rao, Garu MP Nandi Ellayya, Garu Irrigation Minister Surender Reddy, MLAs, Municipal Chairmen, Municipal Councilors, leaders of various parties, district presidents, town presidents, Vichy completed the tournament triumphantly.